4.6  Integrated codependent submissions

Health technologies are codependent if their use needs to be combined (either sequentially or simultaneously) to achieve or improve the intended clinical effect of either technology. For example, a medicine–test combination, where a new medicine seeking listing on the PBS may have a related pathology test that helps to determine the population group for that medicine.

The PBAC Guidelines (Product Type 4) provide information about when codependent submissions may be required, so that MSAC and PBAC can consider the submission. The department has developed a coordinated approach to managing these submissions.

Sponsors who may need to prepare a codependent submission should contact the HTAAP early to facilitate the submission process, including scheduling meetings with the relevant departmental officers from MBD and TAAD if required. Further details are available on the department’s HTA webpage. Contact details for the HTAAP are in Appendix A.


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