5 Medical Services

Medical services relate to professional services provided by, or on the behalf of, a qualified medical practitioner other than those provided in a hospital setting. Hospital-based medical services are included in the category 'Hospital services.'

The units of measurement to be used for medical services are defined in the classification of items in the Medicare Benefits Schedule (MBS), as presented in the most recent version of the Medicare Benefits Schedule book issued by DoH. The current MBS is available on the MBS Online website. Sponsors should use their clinical judgement in the selection of the MBS item relevant to the economic evaluation, and should provide justification for the items selected.

The price to be used for medical services in an economic evaluation is the Schedule Fee as presented in the MBS.

Since both the structures of the MBS and its associated Schedule Fees are subject to periodic review and amendment, sponsors should ensure that they use the most recent available version. The submission should specify the effective date of the MBS used when finalising the economic evaluation.