Health Products Portal - Quick Reference Guides

Page last updated: 14 April 2022

The Health Products Portal (HPP) quick reference guides (QRGs) explain in detail how to access the HPP, manage your personal and organisation details and prepare and lodge a submission.

The sections within the QRGs can be found below.

Getting started in the HPP

This quick reference guide covers:

  • Accessing the HPP
  • Personal profile management
  • Personalise your session in the HPP
  • Manage an organisation’s members and agents

Using the HPP

This quick reference guide covers:

  • Creating and lodging a submission
  • Functionality for specific submission types
    • PBAC Pre-submission meeting request
    • Intent to apply
    • PBAC secretariat submissions (Committee secretariat submissions)
    • PBAC submissions
    • Notice of Intent
    • Pricing offer package
    • New brand
    • List management service request
    • Delete brand(s)
    • MSAC Application for MBS service or health technology
  • Manage a submission
    • View submission progress report
    • Resubmit a lodged submission
    • Duplicate a draft submission
  • Manage correspondence
  • Manage invoices

Uploading large files in the HPP

This quick reference guide covers:

  • Step-by-step guide to uploading a large file to PBAC submissions and correspondence responses
  • Viewing large file(s)
  • Deleting large file(s)