Health Products Portal - Quick Reference Guides

Page last updated: 17 October 2019

The Health Products Portal (HPP) Quick Reference Guides (QRGs) explain in detail how to access the HPP and prepare a submission to list a new medicine or medicinal product on the PBS.

Accessing the HPP and organisation management

Section 1: User access and personal profile management

This section covers:

  • Accessing the HPP
  • Registering as an HPP user
  • Signing in to the HPP
  • Updating an HPP user profile
  • Deactivating a user profile

Section 2: Organisation registration and management

This section covers:

  • User roles in relation to organisations
  • Registering an organisation
  • Selecting an organisation to represent
  • Viewing an organisation (submissions and organisation profile)
  • Updating an organisation’s profile
  • Inviting a user to associate with an organisation
  • Removing a user from an organisation
  • Changing permissions of an organisation member
  • Inviting an agent to access a draft submission
  • Removing an agent’s access to a submission
  • Requesting access to an organisation

Submission creation and management in the HPP

This Quick Reference Guide covers:

  • Managing submissions
    • Viewing all submissions
    • Searching for submissions
    • Viewing individual submissions
  • Creating a new submission
  • Completing and lodging a submission
  • Deleting a draft submission
  • Downloading a lodged submission