Indicative 1 April 2020 prices - 2020 April cycle

Page last updated: 3 February 2020

The spreadsheets below set out the indicative price changes for medicines taking a price disclosure price reduction on 1 April 2020. Advance notice of price changes is provided by the Department to assist companies and other stakeholders in preparation for 1 April 2020 price reductions.

These prices may change if there are changes in prices or listings before 1 April 2020 (e.g., lower price / pricing quantity changes).   

Combination Drugs taking Flow-on Price Reductions for 1 April 2020 will be published on the Pricing Matters web page in early March 2020.

The spreadsheets include:

  • Legal brand of pharmaceutical item taking a reduction – this is the formal product description in the PBS listing instrument;
  • Ex-manufacturer prices - Approved Ex-Manufacturer Price (AEMP) for pricing quantity and the Proportional Ex-Manufacturer Price (PEMP) where pack size is different to pricing quantity.  This is the price without fees and mark-ups;
  • Price to Pharmacy (PTP) for pack size - this price can also be worked out for an individual product by adding the wholesaler mark-up where applicable;
  • Dispensed Price for Maximum Quantity (DPMQ) – dispensed price for supply through community pharmacy, or under s100 arrangement or other specified program. The Dispensed Price for Maximum Amount (DPMA) is given for Efficient Funding of Chemotherapy injectables;
  • Manufacturer’s claimed prices and resulting premium – only included for medicines with a premium / other special patient contribution. The method for calculating a premium / other special patient contribution is set out in the National Health Act 1953 (the Act) and described at paragraph 150 on page 42 of the Price Disclosure Procedural and Operational Guidelines (PDF 633KB);
  • Trade Product Pack (TPP) - an Australian Medicines Terminology (AMT) description. AMT is used in the Schedule of Pharmaceutical Benefits.
  • Indicative 1 April 2020 prices – 2020 April cycle (Excel 76KB)
  • Indicative 1 April 2020 prices – 2020 April cycle (PDF 602KB)