Seventh Community Pharmacy Agreement (7CPA) Consultation Committees

Page last updated: 8 August 2022

To facilitate consultation on matters relating to the 7CPA, two consultation committees have been established. These separate committees allow for focussed discussions on the different elements of the 7CPA.

Following each meeting, communiques of key outcomes from each meeting will be published.

Community Pharmacy Consultation Committee (CPCC)

The CPCC comprises equal representation from the Australian Government Department of Health (the Department) and the Pharmacy Guild of Australia (the Guild).

The CPCC is the primary consultation mechanism to support the achievement of the objectives under the 7CPA.

The Terms of Reference for the CPCC are as agreed with the Guild, under Appendix C of the 7CPA, and are available as below:

The CPCC will meet a minimum of two times per year, with additional meetings convened as agreed by the Department and the Guild. Communiques detailing the key discussions and outcomes of each meeting are available as below:

Pharmacy Stakeholder Consultation Committee (PSCC)

The Department, the Pharmaceutical Society of Australia and the Guild are standing members of the PSCC, each with equal representation. In addition, standing members of the PSCC are open to invite other stakeholders on a standing or temporary basis, as agreed by the Department. The Department has extended a standing invitation to representatives of the Consumers Health Forum of Australia and the National Aboriginal Community Controlled Health Organisation to participate in the PSCC.

The PSCC has been established as a consultation mechanism intended to facilitate broad engagement between parties interested in the operation and development of the elements of the pharmacy sector funded by the Commonwealth, including community pharmacy programs.

The Terms of Reference for the PSCC are provided below:

The PSCC will meet up to two times per year, unless the Department considers that additional meetings are required. Communiques detailing the key discussions and outcomes of each meeting are available as below:

7CPA Implementation Activities

At the PSCC meeting on 15 June 2022, representatives discussed progress on the implementation of identified tasks and activities to be undertaken over the term of the 7CPA.  A summary of these activities is provided at the link below.