GMWG Pricing, Supply and Viability Subgroup

Page last updated: 10 October 2018

The GMWG Pricing, Supply and Viability Subgroup will consider, in line with the National Medicines Policy, issues of pricing and supply of medicines which may impact on the viability of the generic medicines sector.

The subgroup will gather information from both industry and Government to consider the impact of pricing policies on multi-branded medicines, including patient access to medicines, supply shortages and industry viability. 

Activities may include:

  • Developing an approach for notifying the Department of potential shortages of medicines.
  • Providing advice on pricing issues as required for the generic medicines sector.  This may include:
    • Price disclosure reforms as outlined in the Government agreed Strategic Agreement with GBMA (‘Strategic Agreement’).
    • Impact of price reductions on commercial viability and ongoing patient access to combination items as outlined in the Strategic Agreement.
  • Considering advice from GBMA on specific issues affecting the generic medicines sector, including intellectual property issues which may prolong an originator’s market exclusivity.
  • Gathering and analysing data to understand the impact of pricing policy reform on the supply of generic medicines and the true cost of supplying generic medicines
  • Considering pricing policies used in comparable overseas markets.
  • Discussing possible approaches to address and overcome the identified barriers.

Meeting Communiques