GMWG Uptake Drivers for Generic and Biosimilar Medicines Subgroup

Page last updated: 10 October 2018


The GMWG Uptake Drivers for Generic and Biosimilar Medicines Sub-group (Sub-group) will monitor the uptake of generic small molecule and biosimilar medicines within Australia.  This includes monitoring and providing industry feedback on any issues associated with the impact of active ingredient name prescribing through the changes to prescribing software, and the biosimilars uptake drivers as included in the 2017 compact between GBMA and the Minister for Health.

The Sub-group will focus on concerns raised at an industry level, rather than company specific concerns. The Sub-group may provide input to support the work of the AMWG and GMWG Biosimilar Policy Sub-group.

Activities may include

  • Monitoring the uptake of and providing feedback on any issues around active ingredient name prescribing for generic and biosimilar medicines through prescribing software.
  • Reporting and monitoring generic and biosimilar medicines uptake.
  • Monitoring the number of sponsors seeking PBS listing for biosimilars that align with uptake drivers announced in May 2017 compact between GBMA and Minister for Health
  • Updates on impact of GBMA Biosimilars Grant activities on biosimilar uptake.

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