Streamlined Pathways Subgroup - February 2018 to July 2018

Page last updated: 8 October 2018

The AMWG Streamlined Pathways Sub-group has met regularly since February 2018 to focus on the streamlining work identified under Clause 10 of the Strategic Agreement between the Australian Government and Medicines Australia (2017). 

Regular attendees of the Sub-group included representatives from Medicines Australia (MA) and the Department of Health (the Department). The Chair of the Pharmaceutical Benefits Advisory Committee (PBAC) attended two of the meetings held in May.

In February, the Streamlined Pathways Sub-group held its first meeting for 2018, this meeting was attended by the streamlining consultant who discussed common themes and opportunities to improve each stage of the listing process which were identified through targeted consultations with key stakeholders. The consultant held a workshop on 31 January 2018 that was attended by representatives from the Pharmaceutical Benefits Advisory Committee (PBAC) Executive, the Department and members of the Streamlined Pathways Sub-group.

The two March meetings were attended by the consultant and focussed on discussion of the proposed framework options for streamlining the PBS medicines listing process.  The different phases of the listing process have been used to identify key elements of the framework. The phases have been reflected as pre-submission, PBAC submission, post-submission, pricing and listing and PBS list management. The group provided feedback to the consultant at these meetings to inform framework options building on the themes and opportunities identified out of the workshop. 

The two April meetings focussed on ensuring the framework options will deliver improved transparency, efficiency and timeliness to processes.  The group also broadly discussed implementation timeframes noting the need to provide advice to the Minister on options for improvement and approval by July 2018. Approved streamlining changes will be delivered over the five year term of the Strategic Agreement and work to develop and implement will be ongoing through this period.

The five May meetings focussed on further development of the key framework elements.  The Chair of the PBAC attended two of the meetings ensuring continuation of the collaborative approach to the development of a framework to deliver improvements for all involved in processes.  Careful consideration has been given to ensuring the framework is fit-for-purpose.  Implementation over time will allow for further development work and targeted consultation on proposed changes following approval by Government.

The two June meetings and the July meeting focussed on refining the proposed approach to the Minister including future consultation and implementation timeframes.

The PBAC considered the draft Pathways proposal in July and the Health Economic Working Group of Medicines Australia reviewed the draft proposal in early August. The report has now been presented to the Minister for his consideration. Feedback and further consultation are planned once the Minister has considered.

The August 2018 meetings will continue as scheduled.

PDF version of Streamlined Pathways Subgroup - February 2018 to July 2018 Communique