November 2008 PBAC Outcomes - Reviews

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Recommendations made by the Pharmaceutical Benefits Advisory Committee (PBAC) in November 2008 relating to the listing of drugs on the Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme (PBS)

table showing reviews made by the PBAC - November

Drug and Form

Drug use and Type

Reason For Review

PBAC Finding

Pioglitazone, (Actos®)

Eli Lilly Australia Pty Ltd

Type 2 diabetes To review the current PBS listings for pioglitazone in light of the recent regulatory action in respect of rosiglitazone. No action to be taken unless regulatory situation changes.
Trastuzumab, (Herceptin®)

Roche Products Pty Ltd

Metastatic breast cancer To review the clinical and cost-effectiveness of trastuzumab for HER-2 positive metastatic breast cancer. PBAC agreed that in the first-line treatment of HER-2 positive metastatic breast cancer, the combination of trastuzumab and a taxane or vinorelbine, is more effective than chemotherapy alone. There are limited data on the effectiveness of continuing trastuzumab beyond progression, and this data has not been evaluated by the PBAC. However, the PBAC could not recommend the transfer of trastuzumab from the Herceptin Program to the PBS on the basis of an unacceptable cost effectiveness ratio at the current price.