4.3  Timeframes for the PBS

4.3.1   Key dates for PBAC and subcommittee meetings, submission lodgment

A calendar of PBAC, DUSC and Economics Sub-Committee (ESC) meeting dates, deadlines for submissions and key post-PBAC dates for advice on PBAC decisions, publication of outcomes and PSDs is available online.

4.3.2   Timeframes for integrated codependent submissions

Timeframes for integrated codependent submissions are coordinated with the Medical Benefits Division (MBD) on a case-by-case basis.

4.3.3   Key dates for publication of the PBS Schedule

The department publishes a list of dates related to provision of key documents for listing and publication deadlines for the PBS Schedule, which is published monthly.  This includes lodgment deadlines for new brands of existing pharmaceutical items, and other PBS deadlines (e.g. delisting and price increase requests).


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