6.11  Codependent submission processes

6.11.1 Integrated codependent submission processes

The same evaluation group evaluates the medicinal and medical service components of an integrated codependent submission (Category 1 submission) where possible. A single evaluation document is prepared for MSAC and the PBAC. This evaluation document is considered by the economic subcommittees of PBAC and MSAC at a joint meeting. Dates are available on the MSAC calendar.

A joint ESC Advice document is prepared for the PBAC and MSAC.

6.11.2 Streamlined codependent submission processes

Where a Category 2 submission is lodged for PBAC consideration, lodge the accompanying streamlined submission to MSAC at the same time. Standard PBAC processes apply to the Category 2 submission to the PBAC. An overview of the streamlined submission to MSAC is prepared by the department and will be provided to the applicant according to the standard pre-MSAC process.


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