8.10  Listing a vaccine on the NIP

Where the PBAC makes a positive recommendation to list a new vaccine on the NIP or vary the conditions for a current vaccine on the NIP, and the price has been agreed in principle, Population Health Division will seek approval from the Australian Government to fund the vaccine under the NIP.

Where a new or amended listing is approved by government, Population Health Division will amend the National Health (Immunisation Program-Designated Vaccines) Determination to include the new or amended listing.

Population Health Division conducts tenders to procure the supply of vaccines through the NIP. To participate in a tender process, a vaccine must have received a positive PBAC recommendation before the tender closing date, and be listed on the Determination before contract execution.

All inquiries for listing vaccines on the NIP should be referred to the ATAGI Secretariat. For contact information, refer to Appendix A.


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