9.6 Post-PBAC procedures for applicants

Consistent with Section 7.1, the following timeframes apply for notification of PBAC outcomes for resubmissions.

Table 9.6.1    Timeframe for notification of PBAC outcomes*


PBAC outcome provided

One week after PBAC reconsideration

Emailed advice of type of PBAC outcome including any PBAC nominated pathways (recommended and not recommended submissions)

Three weeks after PBAC reconsideration

Ratified PBAC Minutes for positive recommendations by email (Section 7.1.1)

Five weeks after PBAC reconsideration

Ratified PBAC Minutes for deferred and not recommended submissions by email (Sections 7.1.2 and 7.1.3)

*For Early Resolution Pathway resubmissions considered out-of-session, the same communication timelines apply; anchored to the date of PBAC reconsideration (i.e. email advice of PBAC outcome one week after out-of-session PBAC consideration, and ratified Minutes provided either three or five weeks after PBAC reconsideration dependent on the outcome. 

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