Five Year Anniversary 5% Price Reduction - List of Affected Drugs

Page last updated: 18 November 2021

The drugs in the list below are those that meet the criteria for a 5% statutory price reduction (SPR) on 1 April  2022 under sections 99ACF and 99ACHA of Division 3A of Part VII of the National Health Act 1953 (the Act).

Price Reduction

The 5% SPR applies to the PBS Approved Ex-Manufacturer Price (AEMP) for all brands of all pharmaceutical items containing the drugs mentioned in the list.  The indicative reduced AEMPs, being 5% off the November 2020 AEMP, are set out in the list below.  All brands of the pharmaceutical items mentioned below have the same AEMP, which is set by reference to the ‘pricing quantity’.  Pricing or listing changes could occur in the period between November 2020 and April 2021 and this could result in the final reduced AEMP being different to the one set out below.

Combination flow-ons

Some of the drugs mentioned in the table below are components in combination items that have a drug on the Combination Drug List (CDL).  Calculations are currently being completed for flow-on reductions to combination items.  Outcomes will be communicated to responsible persons with brands of affected drugs. Emails will set out the new prices for combination items and seek PB11a forms.  Combination item pricing will require attention by affected companies during January 2021.  This aligns with the usual timeline for combination flow-on pricing for April reduction days.

Ministerial Discretion

The Minister has discretion under section 99ACF to reduce by a lower percentage or not apply anniversary price reductions. The indicative prices below reflect the full reduction and do not reflect prices where discretion has been exercised. Please visit the Ministerial Discretion page for further information on requesting Ministerial Discretion.