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5 September 2007

Website usage tips for Health Professionals

The PBS Website is refreshed every month with new data from the Schedule of Pharmaceutical Benefits. This data includes all items that were previously included in the ‘Yellow Book’.

To navigate to this additional information:

  1. Locate and click ‘Other Browse Options’ in the left hand navigation column;
  2. A drop down list will appear;
  3. Select an item on which you would like to find more information

Some of the choices include:

  • New, Amended and Deleted items (Summary of Changes);
  • Body System (Browse by ATC);
  • Manufacturer (jump to a list of manufacturers and their items);
  • Doctors Bag (lists items subsidised under the Doctors Bag program);
  • Section 100 (lists items subsidised under Section 100 of the National Health Act);
  • RPBS (Browse listings subsidised under the Repatriation Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme);
  • Dental Book (lists items subsidised for prescribing by Dental Practitioners);
  • Price Premiums (lists items with Therapeutic, Brand and Special Patient Premiums); and
  • Explanatory Notes (The front pages from the old ‘Yellow Book’, including; Fees, Drug Tariff, Standard Packs and Prices).

You will need to have ‘JavaScript’ enabled on your browser to view the ‘Other Browse Options’ list, however the links above will take you directly to the page you are seeking. More tips on using this website can be found on the Search Tips page.

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We are always seeking ways to improve your experience in using this website, please leave your feedback by emailing pbs.webmaster@health.gov.au. Please include you email address if you would like a response to your feedback.