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PBS Website improvements

1 August 2008

In response to feedback regarding the PBS website, we have implemented a series of improvements for the 1 August 2008 release. 

These improvements include:

  • Display changes to the consumer sub-site
    • Conditions for prescribing are now clearly identified
  • Increasing awareness of generic alternatives
    • Improvement to search functionality when searching for brand names
  • Increasing the visibility of RPBS items
    • RPBS items now have their own colour scheme and icon
  • Increasing website accessibility
    • Much more of the website is now accessible for users without Javascript
  • Improving the functionality of the brand premium page 
    • Brands with brand premiums which were previously not shown due to the absence of equivalence marking

We are always looking for ways we can improve this website and are happy to receive further feedback regarding these changes or suggesting changes for the future.  Feedback can be left at our feedback page

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