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Cost Recovery for evaluation and listing on the Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme (PBS) & National Immunisation Program (NIP)

15 May 2009

The Government has re-introduced the National Health Amendment (Pharmaceutical and Other Benefits ‑ Cost Recovery) Bill 2008 into Parliament.

The Government has re-introduced the National Health Amendment (Pharmaceutical and Other Benefits ‑ Cost Recovery) Bill 2008 into Parliament.

The Bill seeks to amend the National Health Act 1953 to enable regulations to be made for the cost recovery of services provided by the Commonwealth in relation to the exercise of powers for listing medicines, vaccines and other products or services on the Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme and designation of vaccines for the National Immunisation Program.

Further information on the progress of the Bill in Parliament can be obtained at the ParlInfo section of the Australian Parliament House website.

Please check the ParlInfo website for further updates as the Bill progresses in Parliament. 

The commencement date will be announced following passage of the Bill and after there has been meaningful dialogue with the industry about implementation issues.  The Government will not implement retrospective fees.

There are a number of steps that must be completed ahead of any chosen commencement date. These include:

  • preparation of administrative guidelines;
  • communication on implementation issues with stakeholders;
  • finalisation of the regulations; and
  • Royal Assent of the Bill and making of Regulations by the Governor-General. 

The Department of Health and Ageing (‘the Department’) will consult with stakeholders about implementation issues, including the need for further information sessions for the pharmaceutical industry. Pharmaceutical companies will be advised of further details on the information sessions should they be needed. 

Updated Question and Answer information sheets are provided within the Consumers and Health Professionals Cost Recovery FAQ fact sheet and the Fees and charges portion of the industry site. These contain relevant information and will be updated as needed throughout the implementation.

Consultation with industry remains an important component in the operation of PBS Cost Recovery. As part of an overall communications strategy, we will include post-implementation consultative mechanisms, including feedback, complaints handling, ongoing monitoring and periodic reviews.

The e-mail address- (PBSCostRecovery@Health.gov.au) should be used for ongoing communications relating to PBS Cost Recovery. This operates in addition to existing communications channels.