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Cost Recovery for evaluation and listing on the Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme (PBS) & National Immunisation Program (NIP) - Commencement Date Update

7 October 2009

PBS cost recovery fees for the evaluation and listing of medicines, vaccines and other products or services, on the PBS and NIP will apply from 1 January 2010. 

As the Department’s last working day in 2009 is Thursday 24 December, any submissions not lodged by 3pm on that day will be processed from Monday 4 January 2010 and be liable for fees for service.

The implementation date was decided following consultation with stakeholders and industry representative bodies about implementation issues following passage of the PBS Cost Recovery legislation through Parliament on 16 June 2009. 

The legislation involved amendments to the National Health Act 1953 to provide authority for the cost recovery of services provided by the Commonwealth from applicants seeking new, or changes to existing, listings of medicines, vaccines and other products or services on the PBS or NIP. The operational process of PBS cost recovery will be framed around the sub-ordinate regulations. 

The legislation requires a review of the cost recovery arrangements after two years and for a Review Report to be tabled in Parliament.  The legislation also requires an annual report to be prepared on processes leading up to the Pharmaceutical Benefits Advisory Committee’s consideration of submissions.  This report will also be tabled in Parliament.

The Department of Health and Ageing will provide Information Sessions for the pharmaceutical industry in Sydney (13 October 2009) and Melbourne (15 October 2009).   

An updated Consumer and Health Professionals Cost Recovery FAQ information sheet will be provided within the “PBS for Consumers” and “PBS for Health Professionals” portals of the website as soon as possible.  A separate Industry Cost Recovery FAQ information sheet is contained in the “PBS for Industry” portal.  This will contain relevant information and be updated as needed throughout the implementation phase.

The Department of Health and Ageing will continue to consult with stakeholders on implementation issues.  The e-mail address (PBSCostRecovery@Health.gov.au) should be used for ongoing communications relating to PBS Cost Recovery.  This operates in addition to existing communications channels.