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PBS Website Update - 1 November 2010

The Schedule of Pharmaceutical Benefits was updated on 1 November 2010 and the Summary of Changes can be found on the New amended and deleted items page. Detailed information regarding additions and alterations of restrictions is now available in the fact sheet, New Listings and Changes To PBS 1 November 2010.

You will have noticed the new look to the website, the changes are not merely superficial.  The background programming that delivers information on the PBS including to the website has been substantially upgraded.  This has involved a total rebuild of the data model, the development of new publishing software and the complete rewrite of all the underlying code for the electronic and printed Schedule and other data outputs.  The software changes have also allowed us to implement some design changes to the website to accommodate information for nurse practitioners and midwives. 

From 1 November 2010 Midwives and Nurse Practitioners authorised as PBS prescribers are able to write prescriptions for certain medicines under the PBS. Medicines that can be prescribed by Midwives and Nurse Practitioners can be viewed in the 'Browse the PBS' search option. Also a prescriber column has been added to drug tables and prescriber icons now make it easier to quickly identify who can prescribe individual items.

No redevelopment of software is drama free and this was no exception, most glitches were detected and corrected before our go live date, others will take a further day or two to fix. You can assist by letting us know ways in which we can better meet your needs. You are encouraged to explore the website and familiarise yourself with the new functionality, enhanced search capability and the restructured main navigation.

The following updates have also been made to the PBS Website: