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Advice of the amendment to the pricing of PERINDOPRIL and LERCANIDIPINE HYDROCHLORIDE

Please note for the APO-Perindopril ® brand of perindopril, the dispensed price for item number 3050M tablet containing 2 mg perindopril erbumine should be $12.58 not $12.73 as noted in the Schedule.

In addition, for the Zanidip ® brand of lercanidipine hydrochloride, to note a brand premium for item 8534E, tablet 10mg of $1.95 and for item 8679T, tablet 20mg to note a brand premium of $3.44 (not shown in the Schedule).

The amended prices will be effective for all claims from 1 December 2010 and the Schedule will be updated to reflect the correct prices as soon as possible.


Published: 1 December 2010