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Addendum to PBS Schedule

20 January 2011

The Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme (PBS) listing of ciprofloxacin was extended from 20 January 2011, to increase the treatment options for people with skin infections associated with contact with contaminated flood water.

The Australian Government has temporarily extended the PBS listing of the following items as recommended by the Pharmaceutical Benefits Advisory Committee:

1208N Ciprofloxacin, tablet 250 mg (all brands)
1209P Ciprofloxacin, tablet 500 mg (all brands)
1210Q Ciprofloxacin, tablet 750 mg (all brands)

These forms of Ciprofloxacin can now be prescribed under the PBS for the following indication:

Authority required
For use in skin or soft tissue infections (wound management) where other antimicrobial agents are ineffective or inappropriate.