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1 November 2012 Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme Schedule

2 July 2012

From December 2012, the Department of Health and Ageing will introduce its new technology system, Pharmaceutical Consolidated Information System (PharmCIS), which will support the processes associated with the approval and listing of medicines on the Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme (PBS).

From 1 December 2012, PBS data that is produced by the Department will also include reference to Australian Medicines Terminology (AMT). AMT standardises medicine terminology, uniquely and unambiguously codes and describes all commonly used medicines available in Australia for computers, clinicians and patients. The 1 December 2012 Schedule will be the first produced that will reference AMT descriptors. Further details on the look and feel of the new system will be provided to all stakeholders over the coming months.

To facilitate the introduction of the new data management system and the inclusion of AMT in PBS data, the Department will not produce a November 2012 Schedule. This means the 1 October 2012 Schedule will remain current until 30 November 2012. To assist the pharmaceutical industry, in exceptional circumstances the data cut­off date to meet the requirements of a 1 October 2012 listing on the PBS may be extended up to 29 July 2012. Please contact PBS Listing via pbslisting@health.gov.au to discuss any extension required to the 15 July 2012 deadline.

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