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Updated Price Disclosure Guidelines

26 November 2013

An updated version of the Price Disclosure Arrangements Procedural and Operational Guidelines for Expanded and Accelerated Price Disclosure has been published. The updated Guidelines reflect changes made to the National Health (Pharmaceutical  Benefits) Regulations 1960 in April 2013. Those Regulation changes were made following December 2012 litigation concerning inclusion of de-listed brands in price disclosure calculations.  The Guidelines also provide more information about a number of other matters, including:

  • how to disclose data when the commercial responsibility for a brand passes before the legally responsible person has been changed;
  • calculating new premiums for price disclosure reductions;
  • how price disclosure reductions are applied to new brands listing after the end of a data collection period and before the reduction day;


  • how reduced prices are adjusted to take account of any change in pricing quantity for brands of a pharmaceutical item between the end of the data collection period and the reduction day.