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Originator list for PBS medicines on F2 formulary - stakeholder consultation

Page last updated: 20 July 2015

The National Health Act 1953 has recently been amended to implement measures announced as part of the PBS Access and Sustainability package. This includes removing the originator brand from price disclosure calculations.

More information on the amendments to the Act and explanatory material can be found on the Parliament of Australia website.

A table of PBS drugs on the F2 formulary and brands which it is proposed may be determined as originator brands (under subsection 99ADB(6B) of the Act) is included below.

Amendments to the National Health (Pharmaceutical Benefits) Regulations 1960 will provide further details regarding the circumstances in, and the method by which, an originator brand would be removed from price disclosure calculations. Originator brand data will still need to be submitted for each cycle as it will always be used for some parts of the calculations. A Fact Sheet about originator removal circumstances and method will be published in the week commencing 27 July 2015. Subscribe to PBS News to receive notice on publication of Fact Sheets.

Written feedback and comments on the proposed originator brands can be provided to the Department of Health via email to Legislation&IndustryPolicy@health.gov.au

Closing date for comments is 7 August 2015.