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August 2018 PBAC special meeting

Options for listing of pan-tumour indications for PDL1 cancer immunotherapies on the PBS

Page last updated: 19 February 2018

In response to interest from pharmaceutical companies and cancer patient advocacy groups, the Minister for Health, the Hon Greg Hunt MP, has requested that the Pharmaceutical Benefits Advisory Committee (PBAC) consider options for listing programmed death-ligand 1 (PDL1) cancer immunotherapies for the treatment of multiple tumours (pan-tumour indications) on the Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme (PBS).

The PBAC has set aside a Special Meeting on 17 August 2018 to consider this matter, and to enable adequate time to seek input through submissions from industry and clinicians and patient groups.

A short background paper is being prepared which will be made available to interested parties prior to the meeting. This will accompany an invitation for submissions to inform the PBAC’s Special Meeting discussion.

Interested parties are asked to register their interest in receiving the discussion paper and making a submission with the PBAC Secretariat via email by 30 March 2018.