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Reminder - Chemotherapy Compounder ID mandatory within PBS claims

Page last updated: 12 April 2018

The inclusion of the Compounder ID field within a claim for eligible Pharmaceutical Benefits Schedule (PBS) items listed under the Efficient Funding of Chemotherapy (EFC) program became mandatory on 1 December 2017.

Approved suppliers (both community and hospital pharmacies) are responsible for ensuring that they have a Compounder ID for any eligible PBS EFC item claimed through PBS online.  This may be an ID particular to their pharmacy premises or that of an external compounder.

Claims for eligible EFC items submitted through PBS Online without a valid Compounder ID will not be paid.

It may take six weeks for your Compounder ID to appear in your dispensing software.  Approved suppliers are encouraged to plan in advance of needing an ID to support an EFC claim.

Further information on how to obtain a Compounder ID is available on the Efficient Funding of Chemotherapy Program page,