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Procedure Guidance for standardised redactions to Public Summary Documents is available

Page last updated: 30 April 2020

The PBAC has indicated its preference for greater transparency to be introduced in PSDs through a standardised approach to redactions. Standardised redaction of PSDs fits within the Strategic Agreement commitments and is being delivered under the PBS Process Improvements project.

The Procedure Guidance for standardised redactions to PSDs has been revised based on the outcomes of the first two trials and is now available. A supporting guidance document is also available.

The Procedure Guidance includes the final redaction criteria and ranges, and should be used by all applicants intending to make submissions for the November 2020 PBAC meeting.

The third and final trial is underway, and will allow applicants the opportunity to provide feedback to the Department on the usability and completeness of the information and guidance provided in the Procedure Guidance and supporting guidance document. It will not be an opportunity for applicants to provide feedback to change the scope or intention of the redaction criteria and ranges, which were addressed through the first two trials.

Standardised redactions to PSDs will be subject to the following timelines for implementation:

  • July 2020 PSDs will all be subject to the process change which allows applicants only one opportunity to make redaction requests,
  • July 2020 PSDs will have the option to utilise the new standardised redaction criteria and ranges,
  • All PSDs from November 2020 will be subject to the new process and standardised redaction criteria.

More information is available on the PBS improvements web page.