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Updated Financial Estimates workbook

Page last updated: 10 June 2021

An updated version of the Utilisation and Cost Model workbook and User Manual are now available to support PBAC Submissions.

This update includes the following key changes:

  • New treatment duration categories: chronic, extended and episodic
  • Extended treatment duration capability for all patient populations
  • Greater flexibility in defining prevalent populations
  • Correct financial impact worksheets to correctly handle DPMQ when the DPMQ is less than or equal to the co-payment
  • New submission types in line with PBAC process changes
  • New resubmission pathways in line with PBAC process changes
  • Improved validation for script splits
  • Choice of script split between current or future market
  • Selection for ABS populations to be identified as incident or prevalent populations
  • Update Services Australia worksheet to provide more detail to support costings
  • Update MBS worksheet to correctly calculate in and out of hospital service volumes

As with previous updates to the template, currently submitted models will proceed in their current form, unless significant modifications are required post-PBAC, in which case they will be transitioned to the new template during the listing process.

In addition, the updated template is accompanied by a manual that steps applicants through the use of the template.