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Ezetimibe (Ezetrol) PBS claiming issue – August 2022

Page last updated: 5 August 2022

Changes to the PBS listing of ezetimibe (Ezetrol) from 1 August 2022, which involved a consolidation of the drug’s PBS item and streamline codes, have had unintended consequences for some PBS Online claims for prescriptions written prior to 1 August.

The changes made to the PBS listing of ezetimibe were as follows:

  • Item code 11408K (streamlined code 7990) was deleted from the PBS Schedule.
  • Streamlined code 7990 was added to item code 8757X.
  • Item code 8757X remains on the Schedule, with streamlined codes 7996 and 7966.

To minimise any potential inconvenience for affected patients and pharmacists, the following interim arrangement should be observed:

  • If a patient presents an existing script/repeat for item 11408K (i.e. one written before 1 August 2022), the pharmacist dispensing the prescription should:
    • claim using item 8757X and select the streamline code 7996 or 7966, and
    • endorse the script with the following wording: '7996 or 7966 streamlined code claimed as per Services Australia advice – [date of supply]'
  • In the case of an e-script the ability to edit a claim will depend on the dispensing software used by the pharmacy. Where an e-script is unable to be edited by the pharmacy, patients may be advised to obtain a new prescription from their doctor.