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Updates to the HTA Review: Consultation 1 report published

Page last updated: 10 November 2023

The draft Consultation 1 Report developed to support the deliberations of the HTA Review Reference Committee, has been published on the HTA Policy and Methods Review webpage.

Stakeholders were able to provide input to Consultation 1 via the online survey or through small-group virtual forums with Reference Committee members. Over 110 stakeholders provided input through Consultation 1. This report presents a qualitative synthesis of the input received.

The Reference Committee is considering stakeholder feedback alongside other inputs to develop an Options Paper detailing options for reform which will be workshopped with stakeholders through a second round of public consultation (Consultation 2). Details for Consultation 2 will be published on the HTA Review webpage once finalised.

If you have any questions relating to the HTA Review, please email HTAReviewConsult@health.gov.au.