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Updates to the HTA Review Research and Analysis papers collection: Draft HTA expert papers published

Page last updated: 4 January 2024

The following draft papers developed to support the deliberations of the HTA Review Reference Committee have been published on the HTA Review Research and Analysis papers webpage:

  • HTA methods: Economic evaluation. This paper provides an overview of the methods used in economic evaluation as part of HTA processes in Australia and other jurisdictions of interest where HTA is used to support reimbursement for new health technologies. The paper is structured in three parts, describing: the methods used in economic evaluation (Part 1); special considerations for particular technologies and for specific populations (Part 2); recent reforms and changes to economic evaluation processes and methods (Part 3).
  • Funding and purchasing decisions and Managing Uncertainty. This discussion paper examines local and international approaches for funding and purchasing arrangements and the management of uncertainty and has been informed by a scoping review of recent international peer-reviewed and grey literature regarding contemporary Australian and international HTA practices, including guidelines, policy documents and technical reports. The underlying research paradigm for this discussion paper is principally qualitative.

These draft papers have been prepared by the Centre for Health Economics Research & Evaluation (CHERE) for the Department of Health and Aged Care to support the HTA Review.

The HTA Policy and Methods Review is informed by papers analysing contemporary research, relevant methodologies and purchasing practices used by comparable international jurisdictions, and applicability to the Australian context.

For more details about the updated dates for the HTA Review visit the HTA Review webpage.