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PBS subsidy arrangements for gliclazide 30 mg tablets SSSI

Page last updated: 29 February 2024

The Department of Health and Aged Care has made amendments to the National Health (Pharmaceutical Benefits) (Pharmacist Substitution of Medicines without Prescription during Shortages) Determination 2021. This is following the issuance of the Therapeutic Goods (Serious Scarcity and Substitutable Medicine) (Gliclazide) Instrument 2024, which will allow pharmacists to supply different form of oral gliclazide at equivalent dose for the duration of the shortage provided specified conditions are met.

If the substitutable medicine is an authority approved prescription, the PBS Online warnings (reason code 162 or 163) can be disregarded in this circumstance.

Further information about the substitution is available on the PBS Medicine Shortages page