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Updates to the HTA Review Research and analysis papers collection: Emerging Health Technologies

Page last updated: 15 February 2024

The draft paper Emerging Health Technologies developed to support the deliberations of the HTA Review Reference Committee, has been published on the HTA Review Research and Analysis papers webpage.

This paper provides information on the status of regulatory and reimbursement approval for emerging technologies in Australia and internationally that are in the scope of the terms of reference for the HTA Review, and seeks to identify any unique characteristics of emerging technologies that may challenge existing health technology assessment, funding or subsidy pathways.

This paper has been prepared by the Department of Health and Aged Care to support the HTA Review.

The HTA Policy and Methods Review is informed by papers analysing contemporary research, relevant methodologies and purchasing practices used by comparable international jurisdictions, and applicability to the Australian context.

If you have any questions relating to the HTA Review, please email HTAReviewConsult@health.gov.au.