Submissions to the Review of Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme Anti-Dementia Drugs to Treat Alzheimers Disease

Page last updated: 6 August 2012

The Call for Submissions closed on 6 July 2012. The Reviewers appreciate the contribution of all organisations and individuals who made a submission.

Submissions, or parts thereof, provided in-confidence are acknowledged but have not been posted on this website.

Submissions or parts of submissions may not have been published if they contained offensive language, potentially defamatory material, or copyright infringing material. In addition, submissions of a private nature have been de-identified, and only published where authors have given their permission.

Submissions have all been converted to Portable Document Format (PDF) for publication and may have a different appearance to the document that was submitted.

More information is available at Review of Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme anti-dementia drugs to treat Alzheimers Disease. If you have difficulty accessing the information provided and need further assistance, please send an email to


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  • The Commonwealth reserves the right not to publish a submission or part of a submission that it considers defamatory or otherwise inappropriate for publication.
Table of Submissions
Submission Name Document link Date Received
1 Health Professional Submission 1 (PDF 70KB) 16/06/2012
2 Consumer Submission 2 (PDF 70KB) 21/06/2012
3 Consumer Submission 3 (PDF 143KB) 29/06/2012
4 Bendigo Cognitive Dementia and Memory Service Submission 4 (PDF 289KB) 4/07/2012
5 Consumer Not for Publication 5/07/2012
6 Royal Australasian College of Physicians Submission 6 (PDF 70KB) 28/06/2012
7 The Society of Hospital Pharmacists of Australia Submission 7 (PDF 114KB) 5/07/2012
8 Consumer Submission 8 (PDF 47KB) 6/07/2012
9 Janssen-Cilag Not for Publication 6/07/2012
10 Medicines Australia Submission 10 (PDF 44KB) 6/07/2012
11 Alzheimer's Australia Submission 11 (PDF 485KB)
Submission 11 Attachment (PDF 678KB)
12 Pfizer Australia Submission 12 (PDF 34.1MB)
Submission 12 Appendix (PDF 2.8MB)
13 Australian Psychological Society Submission 13 (PDF 306KB) 6/07/2012
14 Consumers Health Forum of Australia Submission 14 (PDF 213KB) 6/07/2012
15 Consumer Submission 15 (PDF 35KB) 6/07/2012
16 Lundbeck Australia Submission 16 (PDF 892KB) 6/07/2012
17 Novartis Pharmaceuticals Australia Submission 17 (PDF 111KB) 6/07/2012
18 Consumer Submission 18 (PDF 52KB) 6/07/2012
19 NPS: Better Choices, Better Health Submission 19 (PDF 146KB) 6/07/2012
20 Royal Australian and New Zealand College of Psychiatrists Submission 20 (PDF 151KB) 6/07/2012
21 Associate Professor Mark Yates Submission 21 (PDF 77KB) 8/07/2012