Manual of resource items and their associated unit costs

For use in submissions to the
Pharmaceutical Benefits Advisory Committee involving economic analyses

Version 5.0

December 2016

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Record of Updates

Record of updates to the Manual of resource items and their associated unit costs



Summary of changes

August 1992

Version 1.0

Manual released drawing on advice from consultant.

November 1993

Version 2.0

Update to unit costs for ‘Hospital services’ and ‘Community-based services’ sections.

November 2002

Version 3.0

Update to unit costs for ‘Hospital services’. Amalgamation of ‘Nursing home’ and ‘Hostel accommodation’ sections into a ‘Residential care and accommodation’ section. Addition of a new section on ‘Variation to unit costs for PBS budget analysis’.

December 2009

Version 4.0

Update to ‘Drugs’, ‘Hospital services’ and ‘Residential care’ sections.

December 2016

Version 5.0

Update to all sections.


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