Independent Review (PBS) - Timelines

Page last updated: 20 January 2018

Independent Review (PBS) - Timelines
PBAC short minutes to ‘responsible persons’ (Friday) 3
Request for Internal Review to be received by COB (Friday) 7
Convenor selects & contracts reviewer by COB (Friday) 10
PBAC meeting 17
Reviewer provides Draft Review Report to Convenor by COB (Wednesday) 24
Reviewer provides Final Review Report to Convenor by COB (Friday) 26
Convenor sends Final Review Report to PBAC Secretariat and Responsible Person (Tuesday) 27
Responsible person' Pre-Sub-Committee responses to the Independent Review Report to be received by PBAC Secretariat by midday (Wednesday) 28
DUSC (if applicable) 29
ESC 30
Sub-Committee advice to ‘responsible persons’ (Wednesday) 32
‘Responsible person’ to provide Pre-PBAC response to PBAC Secretariat by midday (Wednesday) 33
PBAC MEETING Visit the 'PBS Calendar' page for specific dates of upcoming PBAC Meetings
Public Summary Documents published on PBS website, including consideration of  review (Friday) 34