Community Pharmacy Programs

Page last updated: 10 May 2019

Please note: The information on this page may no longer be current and is only included here for historical reference.

Current information is maintained on the Seventh Community Pharmacy Agreement page.

Up to $1.26 billion in funding is available under the Sixth Community Pharmacy Agreement (6CPA) for evidence-based, patient-focused professional pharmacy programs and services.  This consists of:

  • $613 million for the continuation of a number of programs and services from 5CPA;
  • $50 million for the pharmacy trial program; and
  • up to $600 million for new and expanded community pharmacy programs. 

Program review

Under the current Sixth Community Pharmacy Agreement (6CPA), there is a commitment to undertake cost‑effectiveness assessments of the Community Pharmacy Programs, which carried over from the previous Fifth Community Pharmacy Agreement.  This assessment process supports a consistent approach to informing investment that delivers the greatest benefit to consumers.

The Department engaged the Medical Services Advisory Committee and external healthcare consultants to review the following programs:

Review of Community Pharmacy Programs:

Additionally the ongoing Pharmacy Workforce Programs were also reviewed.

The Rural Pharmacy Maintenance Allowance and Electronic Prescription Incentive Payment were reviewed as part of the Review of Remuneration and Regulation.

Pharmacy Trial Program

Under 6CPA the Pharmacy Trial Program will trial new and expanded community pharmacy programs which seek to improve clinical outcomes for consumers and/or extend the role of pharmacists in the delivery of primary healthcare services through community pharmacy.  The 6CPA notes particular priority will be given to consumers in rural and remote Australia, as well as particular population groups such as Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples.

Program administration

From 1 February 2019, Australian HealthCare Associates administer the pharmacy programs under the banner of Pharmacy Programs Administrator.  Previously administration was provided by the Pharmacy Guild of Australia.


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