PBAC Executive

Page last updated: 13 January 2023

The 2015 Access and Sustainability Package announced a number of measures to improve the capacity, flexibility, efficiency and transparency of Pharmaceutical Benefits Advisory Committee (PBAC) processes, including the PBAC Executive for triaging and considering certain applications.

The PBAC Executive is comprised of the Chair and Deputy Chair of the PBAC, the Chair of the Drug Utilisation Sub-Committee, the Chair of the Economics Sub‑Committee, and a consumer nominee from the PBAC.

The PBAC Executive meets in the lead up to each regular PBAC meeting to review less complex submissions, (such as Category 3, Category 4 and Committee secretariat submissions) and to consider other matters. In this way, the PBAC Executive supports the Committee’s capacity to effectively consider complex submissions and facilitate the timely subsidy of important medicines. Opportunities to expand the role of the PBAC Executive may be explored in the future.

Consumers continue to have the opportunity to comment on all Category 1, 2, 3 and 4 submissions and Committee secretariat submissions considered by the full Committee at its main meetings in March, July and November each year. Recommendations about PBS listing continue to be made by the full Committee in accordance with the requirements of the National Health Act 1953. Government consideration and the PBS listing process is the same for all items recommended by the PBAC, including those preceded by PBAC Executive consideration.