5.1 Intent to Apply

The HPP is the approved method for lodging an Intent to Apply form which is mandatory for all submissions lodged for PBAC consideration. This form must be lodged by 5pm AEDT, at least 20 business days prior to the relevant submission due day. Different lodgement timeframes apply for resubmissions (refer to Section 9).

Once the form is submitted, applicants cannot change the information in the form. If the applicant has made a minor administration error (for example, an error in the contact details), the applicant must email the PBAC Secretariat about the error so they can update the information.

A submission will not proceed to the PBAC if an Intent to Apply has not been submitted on or by the due date (lodgement dates are available on the PBS calendar). The only exception is where:

  • The department determines that progressing the application is necessary to address an urgent public health need (refer section 30 of the Cost Recovery Regulations).

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