5.3  Compliance with standard IT capability

All documents should be presented in formats that can be read by Microsoft Word 2010. Excel spreadsheets containing graphs, calculations and models should be presented in Microsoft Excel 2010. The evaluation groups have access to SAS®, TreeAge Pro suite®, Stata® and Excel 2010 @RISK®. The HPP restricts upload of file types to a list of allowed file types. This list is available through the HPP and also on PBS website (refer to Submission creation and management in the HPP, Quick Reference Guide).

If the applicant would like to provide submission information in another software format, the applicant must contact the department before the submission is lodged (refer to contact details in Appendix A). The limitation on software is related to standard minimum capacity required, but many evaluation groups have additional software capacity. Departmental officers will work with the applicant and external academic evaluation groups contracted to the department, to enable complete evaluation of the submission.

In the event that an evaluation of a submission is stopped or incomplete because the evaluation group cannot access or use the software, departmental officers will notify the PBAC and the applicant that the evaluation of the relevant section of the submission is incomplete, and analyses or models could not be verified independently.

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