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The following are PBS Schedule Dental Items categorised by Body System and ATC (Anatomical Therapeutic Chemical) code.

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    Products that are in a Supply Only state will be available for dispensing, but not for prescribing. PBS Prescriptions written prior to the Supply Only period are able to be dispensed using either the Supply Only product where available, or an equivalent product as specified on the PBS schedule.
    Supply Only
Prescriber code Item code Name, manner of administration and form & strength Max qty
Max qty
No. of
DP 5259T ROXITHROMYCINroxithromycin 50 mg dispersible tablet, 10 1 10 0
DP 5260W ROXITHROMYCINroxithromycin 150 mg tablet, 10 1 10 0
DP 5261X ROXITHROMYCINroxithromycin 300 mg tablet, 5 1 5 0