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Page last updated: 1 August 2017

1 August 2017

Advice about a-flag data 1 August 2017

The following item codes for human chorionic gonadotrophin are equivalent for the purposes of substitution:

11148R and 1581F;
11154C and 6178E;
11156E and 6181H.

An a-flag should have been applied to these items in the August data.
This has been  rectified in the 1 September 2017 data.


Previous ASCII and XML files can be accessed on the Publications Archive page.

PBS Offline

1 August 2017

The downloadable version of this website has been developed to enable you to use the Schedule of Pharmaceutical Benefits when you are not connected to the internet. It functions as a snapshot of the PBS website that is saved to your computer to be accessed at your leisure.

To keep PBS offline up to date, it should be downloaded fresh with the regular Schedule update that occurs on the first of each month.

Warning: These files are large and may take considerable time to download depending on your internet connection.

Minimum System Requirements

Minimum System Requirements
Windows Apple
Operating System Microsoft Windows 2000 (Service Pack 4),
Microsoft Windows XP (Service Pack 2), OR Microsoft Windows 7 or later
Apple Mac OS X v10.3 or later
Processor PC 866 MHz or faster 866 MHz or faster
RAM 512Mb or More 256Mb or More
Hard Disk Space 500 Mb 500 Mb
Java Version 1.6 (available as download from the Java Website Apple 1.7
Browser Internet Explorer 6 or later; Mozilla Firefox 1.5 or later Safari 1.3.2 or later; Mozilla Firefox 1.5 or later

PC Installation Instructions

Once downloaded open the file and follow the on-screen instructions to install.

Mac Installation Instructions

Once downloaded please follow the below instructions:

  1. Use extraction software to extract the files to your desktop, or other specified location;
  2. A PBS icon will appear on your desktop
  3. Double click the icon to launch PBS Offline


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