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Page last updated: 7 March 2017

Australian Statistics on Medicines

The Australian Statistics on Medicines is an annual publication produced by the Drug Utilisation Sub-Committee of the Pharmaceutical Benefits Advisory Committee. The data available in the ASM represent estimates of the aggregate community use of prescription medicines in Australia.

The Australian Statistics on Medicines (ASM) is a publication produced by the Drug Utilisation Sub-Committee (DUSC) of the Pharmaceutical Benefits Advisory Committee.

Comprehensive drug utilisation data are required for a number of purposes including pharmacosurveillance and the targeting and evaluation of quality use of medicines initiatives. It is also needed by regulatory and financing authorities and by the Pharmaceutical Industry. A major aim of the ASM has been to put comprehensive and valid statistics on the Australian use of medicines in the public domain to allow access by all interested parties.

Publication of the Australian data facilitates international comparisons of drug utilisation profiles, and encourages international collaboration on drug utilisation research particularly in relation to enhancing the quality use of medicines and health outcomes.

PBS Expenditure and Prescriptions

The PBS Expenditure and Prescriptions provide a summary of PBS processing. Many tables and charts are available on processing by drug, prescription volume and cost.

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Medicare Statistics - PBS Item and Group reports

The Australian Government Department of Human Services (DHS) provides access to a range of statistical information about Medicare programs. This includes Medicare Benefits Schedule (MBS), Pharmaceutical Benefits Schedule (PBS), Repatriation Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme (RPBS), Australian Organ Donor Register (AODR), Practice Incentives Programme (PIP), and Australian Immunisation Register (AIR).

PBS Item and Group online reports, on both service numbers and benefit amounts over either PBS item codes, patient categories or ATC classifications, are currently available from the Medicare Statistics page on the DHS website.


Highly Specialised Drugs Expenditure

The Highly Specialised Drugs Expenditure Reports provide a summary of National expenditure by drug dispensed through Public Hospitals, Private Hospitals and Community Access.

This data is reported by quarter for the current financial year and by total for previous two financial years.


Pharmaceutical Benefits Pricing Authority Annual Reports

The Pharmaceutical Benefits Pricing Authority Annual Report provides various prescription volume and expenditure summary tables by ATC groups and high cost items. Also included are tables on companies PBS sales and market share.


PBS and RPBS Section 85 Date-of-Processing and Date-of-Supply data

The Date-of-Processing and Date-of-Supply tables provide PBS Section 85 prescription and expenditure information on both a date-of-supply (released as year and month of supply) and date-of-processing (released as year and month of processing) basis. The information contained in these tables is generally updated once a month, around the second week of the month.


Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme Collection of Under Co-payment Data

Details on the collection of PBS / RPBS under co-payment prescription data.