Generic Medicines Working Group (GMWG) Communique - 1 December 2016

Page last updated: 19 January 2017

The fifth meeting of the GMWG was held in Canberra on 1 December 2016.  The GMWG meets three times a year with work to be progressed out of session by the respective


Attendees included co-Chairs: Mr Allan Tillack, Chair of Generic and Biosimilar Medicines Association (GBMA) and Mr Andrew Stuart, Deputy Secretary, Department of Health.  Representatives of the GBMA, and the Pharmaceutical Benefits Division, Department of Health were also in attendance.


To update the GMWG on progress against the four policy priorities, in particular the work of the Pricing Policy, Supply and Viability sub-group, and the Uptake Drivers of Generic and Biosimilar Medicines sub-group.

The meeting was an opportunity to continue to discuss options being developed by the sub-groups to better support the ongoing viability of the generics and biosimilars sector and the role these medicines play to support a sustainable .

The GMWG also discussed activity around biosimilars, including updates on the Department’s Biosimilar Awareness Initiative, and the valuable insight provided by
Dr Paul Cornes through his presentations to the Department, the Therapeutic Goods Administrations and the Biosimilars Awareness Initiative Reference Group.

It was also an opportunity for the GMWG to discuss the work being undertaken by the European Medicines Agency to promote transparency around clinical trial data.


The GMWG agreed to continue to work together to further develop strategies and measures to support the generics and biosimilars sector including by utilising the Department’s modelling capabilities and consultation with other biosimilar manufacturers.

The GMWG also agreed to confirm meeting dates for 2017, and to support these meetings through regular communications on a GovDex page.

Next steps

GMWG subgroups will meet face-to-face in early 2017 to progress the four policy priorities.

The next GMWG meeting is scheduled for the first quarter of 2017, in Sydney.