Appendix A - Information sources and contacts

Page last updated: 12 February 2019

The following information sources and contact details for areas within the Australian Government Department of Health may be useful to sponsors preparing submissions to the PBAC, or seeking further information about listing medicines/vaccines on the PBS/NIP.

A.1 Online information

The department maintains a website for the PBS and related information for stakeholders.

The Immunisation Australia website is also maintained for information relating to the NIP.

Through the PBS website, the department provides stakeholders, in Australia and internationally, with a broad range of useful information about the operation of the PBS, including:

  • the current online PBS Schedule
  • detailed schedules and timelines for the PBAC and other listing process, including for new brands of existing pharmaceutical items, and delisting and price increase processes
  • information for prescribers and dispensers of medicines under the PBS, and the pharmaceutical industry
  • publicly accessible information on the PBAC deliberations (Outcomes and PSDs)
  • DUSC outcomes and reports
  • access to regular news updates
  • access to usage information (PBS and Department of Veterans’ Affairs scheme statistics) for research and studies
  • current and historical versions of all PBS Schedule documents.

A.2 Departmental contact details

A.2.1   PBAC, ESC and submission-related matters

Contact for all general correspondence pertaining to the PBAC:

PBAC Secretariat
Office of Health Technology Assessment MDP910
Department of Health
GPO Box 9848
Canberra ACT 2601
Email PBAC:

Email PBAC Secretariat: for matters related to:

  • the Guidelines for preparing a submission to the Pharmaceutical Benefits Advisory Committee
  • additional TGA documents during the evaluation period for submissions to the PBAC
  • listing documents associated with submissions considered by the PBAC to list on the PBS
  • commenting on PBAC Outcomes and PSDs.

A.2.2   Matters related to presubmission meetings and post-PBAC meetings with the Chair

For all matters related to PBAC meetings:

Email PBAC Secretariat:

A.2.3   Matters relating to PBS Cost Recovery

Contact for matters relating to cost recovery (refer to Section 4.4):

PBS Cost Recovery
Technology Assessment and Access Division MDP 952
Department of Health
GPO Box 9848
Canberra ACT 2601

A.2.4   Submission lodgment

Contact for submissions to the PBAC:

Mail: PBS Submissions
MDP 903
23 Furzer Street
Phillip ACT 2606

A.2.5   Consumer comments on the PBAC Agenda

PBAC Secretariat
Office of Health Technology Assessment MDP910
Department of Health
GPO Box 9848
Canberra ACT 2601

A.2.6   Matters relating to confirming the price and other post-PBAC recommendation matters

Contact PBS Pricing for all matters about negotiation of the price of medicinal products post-PBAC consideration and other pricing inquiries for medicines listed on the PBS, RSAs and price disclosure operations. This includes information about and lodgement of PB11a and PB11b after the PBAC recommendation. Contact PBS Approvals for any outstanding or amended listing documentation.

General PBS pricing:

Price disclosure: or  (02) 6289 2303

Price Disclosure Data Administrator (PDDA) contact details are available in the Price Disclosure Guidelines. Questions about price disclosure data collection should be directed to the PDDA.

Listing Documentation:

A.2.7   Matters relating to estimates of utilisation and financial impact

Email Estimates Section:

A.2.8   Matters relating to establishment of a Deed

Email PBS Deeds team:

A.2.9   Matters relating to documents for lodgment of new brand of existing pharmaceutical item submissions not requiring PBAC advice, responsible person and supply issues for existing PBS brands

Contact for submissions and supporting documents for new brands of existing pharmaceutical items not requiring PBAC advice, responsible person or authorised representative changes for existing PBS brands and supply issues:

Email PBS Listing:

A.2.10 PBS Statistics

Contact for all inquiries about how to obtain use and cost information, prescriptions dispensed, government cost, access to PBS sample data and other data issues:

Email PBS Statistics:

Information on prescriptions and costs is also available through the Medicare Australia website.

A.2.11 Economics Sub-Committee (ESC) Secretariat

Contact for matters considered by the Economics Sub-Committee:

Email ESC:

A.2.12 Drug Utilisation Sub-Committee (DUSC) Secretariat

Contact for matters considered by the Drug Utilisation Sub-Committee including responses to reports prepared by DUSC (Section 9):

Email DUSC:

A2.13  ATAGI and the National Immunisation Program

ATAGI Secretariat
Department of Health
Immunisation Branch
GPO Box 9848 MDP 13
Canberra ACT 2601

A2.14  HTA Access Point

For sponsors requiring information on preparing integrated codependent submissions:

Department of Health
HTA Access Point (HTAAP)
GPO Box 9848 MDP 854
Canberra ACT 2601
Phone: (02) 6289 7550

Website: Australian Government Department of Health HTA website


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