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Invitation to access the CSO funding pool and NDSS to supply PBS medicines and NDSS products - Background information and application documentation

Page last updated: 29 September 2016


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The Department’s vision is to provide better health and wellbeing for all Australians. The Department aims to achieve its vision through strengthening evidence-based policy advice, improving program management, research, regulation and partnerships with other government agencies, consumers and stakeholders.

The Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme (PBS) provides Australians with access to a wide range of medicines, allows for choice between different medicines for patients and doctors, and is affordable for individuals and the Australian community.

The primary objective of the CSO is to ensure that arrangements are in place to provide all Australians with ongoing and timely access to all PBS Medicines, through community pharmacies.

Under the CSO arrangements, eligible entities, known as CSO Distributors, receive payments for the supply of PBS Medicines to community pharmacies.

The NDSS enhances the capacity of over one million Australians with diabetes to understand and manage their life with diabetes. The NDSS aims to ensure people have timely, reliable and affordable access to the supplies and services they require to effectively self-manage their diabetes.

Application documentation

Responses to the ITA should be received by the Contact Officer at email address: cso.application@health.gov.au by no later than 2:00pm (ACT Time) on 3 November 2016.