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For Highly Specialised Drugs prescribed through public hospitals, claiming and approval of authority prescriptions is administered by Department of Human Services. Maximum quantities and repeats for Highly Specialised Drugs are listed in the Schedule. Highly Specialised Drugs prescribed through public hospitals, except Complex Authority Required Highly Specialised Drugs, are Authority required (STREAMLINED) PBS Prescriptions. Authority approvals are required for prescriptions where the dose is above the determined maximum quantity and/or number of repeats. Complex Authority Required Highly Specialised Drugs require written authority applications. Approval of authority prescriptions by Department of Human Services may be obtained either by posting an Authority Prescription Form to Department of Human Services, or by using Department of Human Services' Authority free-call service (1800 888 333). Prescribers must quote the provider number of the hospital when applying.

Public hospital prescriptions for Highly Specialised Drugs can be dispensed by public hospital pharmacies. A patient will be required to pay a contribution for each supply of a highly specialised drug at a similar rate to the Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme. Commonwealth subsidy is not available for hospital in-patients.

Reciprocal Health Care Agreement – Where a patient is entitled to be treated as an eligible person as a visitor from a country with which Australia has entered into a Reciprocal Health Care Agreement, the supply will be limited to the original prescription only. Repeat prescriptions for these patients are not permitted.

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Prescriber code Item code Name, manner of administration and form & strength Max qty
Max qty
No. of
MP 5624B CLARITHROMYCINclarithromycin 500 mg tablet, 100 1 100 2
MP 5627E CLOZAPINEclozapine 200 mg tablet, 100 2 200 0
MP 5628F CLOZAPINEclozapine 25 mg tablet, 100 2 200 0
MP 5630H CLOZAPINEclozapine 50 mg/mL oral liquid, 100 mL 1 1 0
MP 5629G CLOZAPINEclozapine 100 mg tablet, 100 2 200 0
MP 5626D CLOZAPINEclozapine 50 mg tablet, 100 2 200 0
MP 5631J CYCLOSPORINcyclosporin 50 mg/mL injection, 10 x 1 mL ampoules 1 10 0
MP 5633L CYCLOSPORINcyclosporin 100 mg/mL oral liquid, 50 mL 4 4 5
MP 5634M CYCLOSPORINcyclosporin 25 mg capsule, 30 4 120 5
MP 5632K CYCLOSPORINcyclosporin 10 mg capsule, 60 2 120 5
MP 5635N CYCLOSPORINcyclosporin 50 mg capsule, 30 4 120 5
MP 5636P CYCLOSPORINcyclosporin 100 mg capsule, 30 4 120 5