6.11  Codependent submission processes

6.11.1 Integrated codependent submission processes

The medicinal and medical service components of an integrated codependent submission are evaluated by the same evaluation group where possible. A single evaluation document is prepared for MSAC and the PBAC. This evaluation document is considered by the economic subcommittees of PBAC and MSAC at a joint meeting.

A joint ESC Advice document is prepared for the PBAC and MSAC.

6.11.2 Streamlined codependent submission processes

Where a major submission or major resubmission is lodged for PBAC consideration, lodge the accompanying streamlined submission to MSAC at the same time. Standard PBAC processes apply to the major submission to the PBAC. An overview of the streamlined submission to MSAC is prepared by the department and will be provided to the sponsor according to the standard pre-MSAC process.


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