AMWG / GMWG PBS Transparency and Efficiencies Subgroup

Page last updated: 12 April 2021


The Combined PBS Listing Transparency and Efficiencies Subgroup (Combined Subgroup) will work towards improvements to the PBAC consideration and PBS listing process to improve the efficiency and transparency of these processes, which will contribute to the timely availability of medicines.  This will also involve aligning the cost recovery of PBAC and PBS listing processes to more accurately reflect the resourcing implications of this work. Work undertaken within this subgroup will link into the Streamlined Pathways Subgroup.

Potential initiatives will need to be developed into an action plan for consideration by Generic Medicines Working Group and the Access to Medicines Working Group, with proposed implementation considered in collaboration with relevant stakeholders.

Activities may include

  • Consultation and input to the streamlining PBAC and PBS processes.
  • Transparency and efficiency of post PBAC processes (in line with relevant clauses of Strategic Agreement).
  • Developing communication approaches to increase awareness of the PBAC/PBS List processes to all stakeholders (including industry, consumers and Government).
  • Consultation on proposals to revise the associated cost recovery arrangements in line with the Australian Government’s Cost Recovery Framework and to make recommendations for cost recovery revisions where relevant.

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